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Patient Information Packet

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The Unity Surgical Center’s fees include charges for operating room, recovery room services, medications and supplies provided by the center. This does not include surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist, radiologist or lab fees. These fees will be billed separately if applicable. Charges for procedures not fully covered by insurance are your responsibility. Contact your insurance carrier if your policy coverage states that preauthorization or certification is required prior to surgery.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Our staff respects your rights to confidentiality, privacy, security, communication, access to care, resolution of complaints, respectful and considerate care and the right to make informed decisions about your care. As a patient of USC, it is your responsibility to provide us with complete and accurate information about your health. You are also responsible to inform the staff or your surgeon when you do not understand your treatment course or care. Advanced directives do not apply while a patient is being treated at the facility.